Miss AR, Rhinoplasty, January 2012.


Ms MK, Rhinoplasty, March 2012.

Miss NM, Tummy tuck and Thigh Lift, 24th November 2011.

Mr DM, Junior Plastic Surgeon taught by Mr Uppal, 2010-2012.


Miss EN, Breast Reconstruction, 23th January 2008.

“I recently underwent a revision rhinoplasty with Doctor Rajan Uppal. I am so thrilled with the results. My previous rhinoplasty left a hump remaining on the bridge of my nose and a bump on the left side of my nose. I lived with my old nose for approximately four years as I assumed that was the optimum result that could have been achieved for my nose. I also assumed that I would have to live with my nose deviating to the left side which made my nose look crooked. After four years I finally decided to get a second opinion by seeing several surgeons and discussing with them what I disliked about my nose. Dr Uppal was the surgeon that stood out for me as did his wonderful secretary Caroline Spencer. She was welcoming, friendly in her approach and prompt at arranging my consultations and providing me with important information regarding the surgery. Dr Uppal is exceptionally trained in the area of Rhinoplasty. His consultations were always clear, concise and informative. I discussed what I disliked and he told me what he could achieve. His vision met with what I wanted my new nose to look like. I was adamant that I wanted these minor alterations to be made and still look like me. It was important that my new nose would fit my face and look natural. On the day of the surgery a very calm and confident Dr Uppal discussed with me as to what the operation would entail and of the outcome. It’s strange to say this but I wasn’t nervous but excited that I would finally get the nose I had initially desired. Straight after I awoke after the surgery, I recalled Dr Uppal telling me that he was very happy with how the surgery had gone. Although I was semi-conscious I was ecstatic at hearing that. Later that day he visited me again to go over what he had done saying he had met the expectations we had discussed. I rested at home for a week with no difficulties whatsoever. The surgery isn’t painful, sometimes I had mild ache so I took the painkillers provided to me and rested. After three days I felt more like myself. I returned to the hospital to have my cast taken off after a week. The nurses were brilliant at putting me at ease whilst removing the two stitches and cast. One of the nurses complimented my new nose and said it looked beautiful. I was led to a large mirror and I could not believe what he had done. He met my every expectation and more. ‘Wow’ I thought, I couldn’t believe my nose could look like this. The obvious differences were that the hump had gone, the bump on the left side of my nose had disappeared (smoothed out) and my nose was straight. My nose looked cuter and more feminine. I called up Caroline Spencer in the taxi home and despite looking swollen and having bruising on either cheek I wanted her to forward my thanks to Dr Uppal for an amazing job. This was such a contrast to when I had my first rhinoplasty . I cried when I got home and couldn’t look in the mirror for days. Since the cast has been removed I’ve already noticed how uplifted I feel. It’s such a tremendous feeling and I’m so thankful to Dr Uppal for such a brilliant job. I’ve received great feedback from loved ones and friends on my new nose. People who don’t know I’ve had the surgery have commented on how pretty they think I look, or asking if I have I changed my hair to even saying that I look younger! What a result! I would most definitely recommend Dr Uppal, his vision, expertise and training is evident. He is the only rhinoplasty surgeon I would recommend full stop. I thanked Dr Uppal with a card and chocolates but truthfully words will never explain how amazing he is and how because of him I finally feel at peace and content with how I look. He is amazing! If you are reading this I hope you feel reassured. Rhinoplasty and Revision Rhinoplasty requires an extensive understanding of the anatomy of the nose and needs to be undertaken by someone who is thoroughly trained in this area, someone who is skilled at operating on noses that have minor to complicated issues. In the right hands, rhinoplasty can be life changing, for me it definitely has been. I just wish I had seen him the first time around. Dr Uppal is the only doctor I would recommend. I’m so happy that I finally have a happy nose ending. I look forward to seeing how my nose will look in the future once it has properly healed. Many thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck with your surgery! If you choose Dr Uppal you will be in great hands! The best hands! And thank you once again Dr Uppal for my new nose! :-) And not forgetting Caroline Spencer for all her help at making my nose journey run bump free….sorry I just couldn’t resist the pun! Warmest of regards – Mandeep kaur “
Miss MK, Revision Rhinoplasty, 20th March 2012.


” Dear Caroline, Feedback from me is very positive. I found you and Mr Uppal very responsive, caring and I felt comfortable before and after. I’m really happy”
Mr BB, Rhinoplasty and mole removal, 14th November 2011.


” Hi Caroline, The surgical process, including prior analysis and after treatment, from start to finish has been very good. Mr Uppal has done a superb job and I could not ask for a better result. All the other staff during the surgical process were very kind. Also, Ms Spencer was helpful and very much in tune with Mr Uppal’s schedule. Hope that helps, Thanks.”
Mr CA, Face surgery and Browlift, 10th November 2011.


“Dear Caroline, In response to your email I am happy to give you my feedback after my recent operation with Rajan Uppal. I came to see Rajan after researching on the Internet for about a year and plucked up the courage to book a consultation. I thought Rajan’s professional but friendly manner did put me at ease and the way he described the procedure reassured me and gave me confidence. I described to him that I was having this operation for me to improve and balance out the features on my face. I was nervous as it was a big step to have work done on such a crucial part of my face. But after weighing up the pros and cons I decided it was worth the risks. Caroline his lovely secretary after much phoning around managed to squeeze me in Mr Uppal’s tight schedule after realising that the time period in which I wanted the procedure Mr Uppal was fully booked. I was impressed with how this was handled and grateful that I could be accomodated at such short notice. The hospital in Windsor was nice and the staff were very helpful . I woke up and was up and out the hospital the same day with very little pain. I still feel that there can be further improvement made to the tip and nostrils but overall I am pleased with the result. “
Mr DH, Rhinoplasty, 17th October 2011.


“I saw Mr Uppal for a very comprehensive and complicated breast reconstruction in August of 2010. I have had countless reconstructive operations, all of which left me very disappointed and extremely self conscious of my appearance. I got the very distinct impression that none of the surgeons that I saw, some of them women, seemed to understand at all how it felt to be living with very disfigured breasts after mastectomy and that we can’t all take on the ‘oh well, never mind’ approach. Some women can but I certainly couldn’t.Maybe they had been working with breasts and mastectomy for so long that they were jaded, and it certainly looked that way. I had countless inane comments from most of the breast surgeons in Berkshire, including ‘go away dear, buy a nice bra and forget about it’or ‘get yourself a hobby and you won’t have time to think about your breasts’ or ‘at least you’ve got a nice face’ and one man even suggested that I was mentally unfit and needed to work on that which presumably in his view would have made me suddenly be able to accept the fact that I had one breast in my 30’s. (I’m sure he based his DIY psychiatry on the fact that I was upset in the consultation). These comments only served to make me feel like a vacuous and vain person. I eventually had surgery from a man who never subsequently afforded me more than 2 minutes during further follow up consultations and was showing me the door while I still had questions to ask him, and charged over £200 every time I needed to see him.”
“I was at my wits end when I found Mr Uppal on the website. The fact that he doesn’t charge for consultations is incredibly helpful as the patient doesn’t have to break into her reconstruction savings to ask the questions, it also shows a very caring side to Mr Uppal and shows also that he really understands how it must feel to be so disfigured.”
“This virtue is priceless and I’m sure many clients like me feel very safe, post op that we can pop in to see him if we have any worrying concerns as I have recently done. Mr Uppal really demonstrates a total understanding of how important it is for a woman to feel nice, including in the areas that clothes cover, which amazingly lots of surgeons treat with stunning disregard in my experience. He explained to me that we would never achieve a perfect finish which I had already realised and accepted but that he would try to improve on what I had. I feel, despite the fact that I still show disfigurement, Mr Uppal made the best job of what was there. He was realistic and honest in his approach, whilst never forgetting how big a deal this is to a woman. What he realises, that other surgeons in the Berkshire area don’t seem to realise at all, is that in having the best look that we can achieve, we will go on to be the best ‘self’ we can be. Anyway, I’m going on a bit, I would like to say, in response to your letter that I would be very happy to recommend Mr Uppal to anybody who needed to see a breast surgeon for his patient ‘bedside care’ as well as his considerable skill and understanding. I have learned to live with my breasts (mostly, not always) as they are now, and that is wholly thanks to Mr Uppal. I also have constant confidence that I will be able to see him to settle any worries post op and that is a valuable resource to have. There should be more surgeons like Mr Uppal around. It is clear that his first priority is the patient. Kindest regards”

Ms RF, Breast Reconstruction, 10th August 2010.


“The initial consultation was very assuring and Mr Uppal made me feel at ease and came across professional. Before the operation Mr Uppal came to see me to make sure I was 100% sure to go ahead. After the operation he came to see if I was ok and briefly told me it was a successful operation and aftercare instructions. 2 months after surgery I am very happy with results.”
Miss PT, Rhinoplasty, 22nd February 2011.


“Dear Mr Uppal When I first started thinking about getting my nose done it was really daunting, with all the information out there, to decide which consultant to go with. After my first consultation with another surgeon my sister suggested I should go for further consultations just to be sure that I was confident about what I was being told. My daughter and I started trawling the web and after reading other customers’ experiences about things that had wrong found out what questions to ask and what qualifications to look for. Some recommended surgeons, but once I knew what I should be looking I did a search for the top 10 rhinoplasty surgeons. I read all I could about their credentials and looked for previous work they had done and narrowed it down to 2 possible surgeons one of which was you. When I spoke to your secretary Caroline I found her to be extremely helpful so decided to book the consultation with you. After meeting with you, you gave me the confidence that you knew exactly what I was looking to achieve. My mind was made up once I had left your office and I rang your secretary to tell her that I wanted to go ahead. My daughter who also wanted surgery used me as the guinea pig. The surgery went extremely well and I was surprised I felt no pain at any time during my recovery period. The day arrived for the cast to be removed and I was extremely anxious and worried whether I would like my new nose. Once the cast was off, despite the fact the nose was swollen I could see that I had nothing to worry about. I would like to thank you for the care and trouble you took for making this experience an extremely positive one. I would highly recommend you to anyone that is considering rhinoplasty. I didn’t want my surgery to be so obvious that when I went back to work people would notice I just wanted to look softer. My friends who knew I was having the surgery were amazed at how natural my nose looked. They said it looked different, but you couldn’t tell. I wasn’t sure what they thought I was going to have done!! I work in a large office and those who didn’t know have said how well I look or I look different, but they can’t put their finger on it. You achieved exactly what I was after. I would also like to thank Caroline for the efficient way she handled my initial enquiry and looking after my daughter and I throughout the whole process. Once again thanks for a job well done.” 
Ms HQ, Rhinoplasty, 4th August 2010.


“Dear Caroline In response to your email I am very happy to give you my feedback after my recent operation with Rajan Uppal. I am pleased to say I came to see Rajan on a recommendation from one of his colleagues so therefore I was confident from day one that I would get the best care. I thought Rajan’s professional manner in which he described the procedure was first class and I liked the way he suggested what he felt was the best solution for me as an individual person. I described to him that I was having this operation for me for personnel confidence reasons and had considered it for over 10 years. So it was a big step and I needed to feel confidence in my surgeon. The hospital in Windsor was gorgeous and the staff were fabulous., I loved the nature of the anesthatist who did not hold any punches when he described the procedure and so I was totally prepared for the situation I would face when I woke up. I was up and walking around the next day with very little pain and very little bruising. I was back at work within 5 days . When I came back for my dressing to be done which I think was 2.5 weeks later the nurse was amazed at how quickly the wounds had healed and within 4 weeks I was totally back to doing everything I normally did prior to the operation. I am so totally pleased with the result I could not be happier. I have finally got the completed confidence that I lacked and I thank Rajan for his great work and kind bedside manner. Kind regards Pam”
Miss PW, Breast enlargement, 6th April 2010.


“I had Rajan Uppal for my BA 13 weeks ago!! The man is a genius!! Whole experience was fantastic!!! I love the man!!! Love – J.”
Miss JT, Breast Enlargement, 26th January 2010.


“Today was the BIG day that I had been waiting for; finally I get to see the framework or result of my nose. Mr Rajan Uppal did a marvelous job; I could not believe the fact that a defected nose (PINCHED) has been reformed into a beautiful nose in proportion to my overall facial features, this was one aspect that I was so conscious about and areas of concern. Overall I am ecstatic with the outcome, and just can’t wait to see the final shape. I was amazed that I had no bruising under the eyes or face after the surgery; I would definitely recommend Arnica. As it was an open surgery anther area of concern was the scaring/incisions under the nose, but I was absolutely delighted to see once the stitches were removed that these incision/scaring are so faint and over time they will not even be noticeable. I would totally commend Mr Rajan Uppal for his skills and expertise, he has totally restored my faith and I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering rhinoplasty or nose revision. I now feel that not only has Mr Rajan Uppal transformed my nose, but he has also transformed my life.”
Miss SS, Nose reshaping, 11th November 2009.


“Very pleased with the outcome,couldnt have hoped for better. All the best.”
Mr RA, Nose reshaping, 4th April 2009.


“Thank you so much. My breast reduction by Mr Uppal has changed my life. Thank you also to all the nurses that looked after me.”
Mrs CB, Breast Reduction, 5th June 2008.


“Dear Mr Uppal. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.”
Miss HN, Breast uplift with enlargement, 7th December 2007.


“I’m really happy with my new nose. The hump is gone. Thank you.”
Mr MG, Nose reshaping, 22nd May 2007.


“Dear Mr Uppal. I really wanted to write to you in respect of the surgery earlier this year for my body toning. This has made a huge improvement in my confidence & day to day life. I was pleased with the results & very much looking forward to future touch ups!

You & your team were absolutely fantastic.  From the first day when both my husband & I met with you – you were excellent at the consultation through to the day of surgery & after care.  Also your confidentiality was very much appreciated.

But I have to give top marks to your anaesthetist team they were absolutely brilliant. One of my fears when I prepare for an operation is taking the anaesthetic & to trust the team to bring me back calmly & safe. Please also pass on my thanks to all the other people, too numerous to mention, who all played such an important part in my treatment and recovery.

Finally, at some point in the near future I would like make an appointment for a follow up to discuss the results on my stomach area. I will contact your PA and arrange this in due course.

Thank you again & kindest regards.”

Mrs S, LipoSculpture and Liposuction arms, tummy and thighs, 10th October 2008.

I had been planning this procedure for at least 3 years – in 2005 I did some research into it and managed to scare myself – by reading the available “BAD” publicity (as that is all that makes the news – horror stories) – but I am sure that for every 100 over exaggerated stories – there is one simple, uneventful process story like mine!

Anyway after much deliberation and further research (I could write a thesis on research) I managed to find the perfect Surgeon! Someone who I felt comfortable with, someone who made me feel like I was normal. He was the only Consultant who showed me before and after pictures of recent cases without me having to ask to see them, he clearly explained the process to me – step by step, and he managed to put me totally at ease with what he can do and with what results I should expect.

  I did some more research on Mr Uppal and I discovered that he had far more experience than his face showed!! I discussed things over with my husband (he has always been 100% behind me on this), and I called to make my appointment for the treatment,

Tuesday 30th September 2008 – was the date – the day seemed very long – and my surgery was booked in for 6pm – I arrived at the Nuffield at the designated time – and waited – this was probably the most nerve racking time – it was a good job I was nil by mouth – as I could not have kept anything down! It was rather interesting to talk to the nurses – they all had very positive things to say about him and the end results that they have seen on other patients – all good to hear!

After the basic processes and the dreaded gown – the Anaethetist came to see me – he asked a few routine questions and explained what he would do once I was in theatre, then Mr Uppal arrived – a little late – but I was in no rush anyway. He covered the process again and I signed the paperwork – he then took the “before” photos and promised me that I would be very proud of the end result! All I wanted was to be rid of the excess skin under my tummy button – the residue of having two rather large and lovely babies.

Then I was taken down for the op.

The next thing I recall is being woken gently by a nurse coming to do the obs. I was awake,I had a cup of tea and felt ontop of the world – as you do! Obs were taken throughout the night – and I slept through some of them, in the early hours of the morning I needed to use the toilet – this was a carefully planned manouvre – with military precision – I was dreading taking off the support garment – but I did not need to – as it was crotchless, which was a relief. The nurses that night were excellent and very careful. And offered me pain relief – but I did not need it.

Wednesday morning I was a little woosy and did not fancy any food – but tea and biscuits was good. All I wanted to do was be back to normal – to have a shower and wash my hair!!!  I spent all of Wednesday in bed – tired, and restless -but never once sore or in pain. I had visitors in the evening – and they wanted to see the drains and the dressings etc nothing eventful. Later that evening the nurses came to remove the drains and they were pleased with the fact Mr Uppal was using the newer versions which are much easier to manage and less messy. This process was again painless – although I was expecting some serious pain as I could not see where the drains went into me – the most painful part was the removal of the sticky plaster from the pubic area!

Thursday morning I was allowed to have a shower – I was accompanied by a nurse and she helped me get dressed too, later that morning my husband collected me and before I knew it I was home. He had kitted the bed room out ready and everything was at hand.

Recovery has been ongoing since then, everyday I get a little better and a little more straighter – it sounds odd -but you find yourself walking around a little hunched over for a while – but the more you walk about the better as discovered! The pain management was easy – and once the medications were finished I really did not need to have any more -pill popping is not something I enjoy and I found that I did not really need any pain killers as there really was little or no pain.

I was off work for one complete week and worked from home for the second week- I have made an excellent recovery – and it has been rather uneventful – thanks to Mr Uppal and the Nuffield.

I was dreading the removal of the dressing – but this has proven to be pain free too- I am amazed that I have recovered so well and so quickly – nothing like the stories you read on the web or in the papers, my scar is long but it is much better than what was there before, now I am just waiting for the swelling to do down fully.

Mrs KB, Tummy Tuck, 30th September 2008.