Photos Before & After

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These photos are a guide only and do not necessarily represent the results that you will achieve. We all have differences in bone structure and skin type. There are also variations in our genes that result in differences in healing and swelling after surgery. Please discuss this with your surgeon and care team.

If you're looking for nose before and after photographs you will find them here. You will also find photographs of Facelift and Breast surgery which are specialist areas that Mr Uppal can discuss with you if needed when you see him. If you're looking for the best plastic surgeon in the UK you may consider Mr Uppal. He has been rated as top plastic surgeon by his patients and aesthetic surgery publications.

To see what you may look like book a 3-D consultation with Mr Uppal who can discuss the images with you. Although the images are only a guide, they can help you think about what outcome is possible and have realistic expectations. Looking at nose before and after photographs or facelift before and after photographs or breast before and after photographs, can help you get an idea of what is possible.