Too little sleep leads to lacklustre and wrinkle prone skin according to a new study from University Case Medical Centre, Ohio, US. Mr Uppal is keen to help you look your best and keep your skin healthy.

Mr Uppal says that as our lives get busier and we become more stressed by everyday things, we may sleep less. It’s important to avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime to ensure good quality sleep. Try a glass of milk or a banana just before going to bed to help you sleep. It releases the chemical Tryptophan that helps to regulate sleep.

We need 6 to 7.5 hours sleep every night to ensure healthy skin and to help regeneration of our body. To stay looking young try and reduce stress levels so you get enough sleep. Mr Uppal recommends that you use Psychology tricks such as not checking emails and “letting go” which can reduce stress till its time to start over in the morning.

Mr Uppal is an expert in helping you feel good and look good. He says the secrets to keeping your skin looking its best are:
1. Avoid smoking
2. Avoid sunshine (use SPF 20 plus)
3. Reduce alcohol (causes dehydration)
4. Reduce sugar intake.
5. Get enough sleep.

Mr Uppal believes that there is a disparity between what we look like and what we think we look like. This is important to understand, as it helps you recover from plastic surgery much better. You may not look as bad as you feel. If you buy into the thoughts that are coming into your head, that drives greater worry and anxiety.
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