Mr Uppal participated in the discussions of the following speakers:

Prof Ivo Pitanguy – the worlds most famous plastic surgeon explained his philosophy on surgery in South America and shared his 50 years of experience in plastic surgery.

Dr Marita Eisenmann-Klein– the future of plastic surgery is in offering patients the choice of more outpatient, day case procedures with only a few days of recovery time. This includes rhinoplasty, face lift surgery and blepharoplasty using FAT TRANSPLANTATION.

Dr Teresa de la Cerda update on FILLERS AND NEW BOTULINUM TOXINS for the face and nose.

Dr Andreas Yiacoumettis (IPRAS and International dimensions of the World Congress)

Dr Maria Siemionow – the techniques for FACE TRANSPLANT are surgically well understood but medication to suppress the immune system can cause problems. Rejection is also a problem but many face transplants have now been performed in the world in France, US, China and Belgium. This operation has not been performed in the UK as yet. Mr Uppal appreciates the complexities and ethical issues surrounding this type of face surgery.


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