The practice of offering “free” consultations for cosmetic surgery is to be banned by the EU to protect patients from sales people who try to get patients to book surgery.

Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery is a serious issue that needs the help and advice of a trained surgeon who, is not motivated by the money that they will get from the patient, but by what’s best for the patient. Mr Uppal charges for all consultations to ensure that patients are getting the best decision for them. There is no pressure to have surgery. The big cosmetic companies however are very good at marketing and “selling” you a product. This is due to be banned following the Keogh report in the UK and wider safety issues in Europe. Belgium has already banned non qualified practitioners from performing Botox.

The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons has taken the lead on this already to protect patients.

The profit focused cosmetic companies are claiming that most patients have four consultations before choosing surgery. That is precisely why there needs to be a ban on “free” consultations, as patients who see a qualified plastic surgeon in the first instance do not feel they need to keep shopping around. We don’t see four GP’s before deciding which one is best to treat us.

One or two consultations with BAPRAS and BAAPS registered surgeons may be enough before deciding who we feel comfortable with.

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