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Children's surgery is a challenge in normal times. Children naturally get stressed when having necessary surgery in the NHS but during Covid, there is extra anxiety as everyone is wearing masks. We are making extra effort to reassure children and their parents. We will be discussing paediatric surgery with world-renowned plastic surgeon from Texas, Dr Warren Snodgrass at the webinar tomorrow at 20:00 GMT. #childrenssurgery

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Why we need to talk about ethnic plastic surgery"Writer Robyn Wilder examines the complicated issue of ethnic cosmetic surgery and whether it's really something to worry about.Everybody's doing it. The key is to to get a natural result – which Mr Uppal specialises in."I don't want my relatives to find out" is the most common statement Asian and Arabic patients say to Mr Uppal. Privacy is very important of course and so there's no need to tell everyone about your nose surgery. As Mr Uppal has huge experience in this field most patients say – "You were right Mr Uppal, my relatives didn't notice a big change and I'm so glad I did it. I hate my big nose. I love the natural result."When it comes to diversity in beauty, we've come a long way. The women dominating ad campaigns and magazine covers – from models of the moment Imaan Hammam and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, to stars like Lupita Nyong'o and FKA Twigs (who has just landed a Calvin Klein campaign) – are finally starting to reflect the diverse world we live in. Last year model Soo Joo Park – of Korean heritage – became the first Asian-American spokesmodel for L'Oreal Paris. The assumption by some is that people are having surgery to try and conform to a Western ideal of beauty – literally chiseling away their cultural identities. But surely it's patronising to assume that the reason people are changing their appearance is to be more Western? Mr Uppal says," There's no such thing as an 'Asian nose'. The range of nose shapes is so vast it spans the continents of Asia. I believe the key is to give the patient what they want". Writer Robyn Wilder – who describes her own nose, a result of her Italian/French/Nepali heritage, as "long and hooked, and ends in a bulbous tip that points sullenly at my mouth like a fleshy arrow" #ethnicrhinoplasty #ethnic

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Patients will need to self isolate for 14 days before any operation. This includes every member of the household. Children will not be able to go to school during this time and no-one can go to work. Alternatively patients can undertake short-term shielding in one room of the house for 14 days. All patients will need to have a swab 48 hours before their operation. This may be confusing for patients and will take time to get used to. But Together we can create an environment where patients and staff stay safe. #surgery #plasticsurgery #covid_19

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Saturday morning ward round where the Department of Plastic surgery is seeing patients that would normally go to A&E to help support that frontline service. I saw a cleaner in the theatre complex who has been working hard everyday cleaning all the Covid surfaces two to three times a day. The cleaners tend to be reserved and shy but are the true Heroes of Covid as without them the virus would spread even more. #clapforcleaners

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