“Mr name is Rhinosaurus ex and this is my story..”

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Day 1

  • 11th July 2015

I had rhinoplasty yesterday and thought I would offer a review and tips for anyone considering the same. I have said ‘not sure yet’ as to whether worth it, but will adjust once I see final result. Overall experience so far has been very good, treatment at Princess Margaret hospital in Windsor was extremely good, very professional staff. Anaesthetist and all staff I spoke to were very friendly. Mr Uppal went through procedure briefly beforehand. My last meal had to be before 2am and last drink of water at 6am. I checked in at 7am and procedure was at 10.30am (lasts 1.5 hours). Anaesthetic was administered very quickly and relatively painlessly. I’ve had a cannula many times before and it has hurt and this was first time it did not. When I came round after was in no pain, just intense pressure, like a heavy cold (but worse). This operation is uncomfortable, mostly for the sore throat you have through all the mouth breathing, but not really painful. You feel a bit out of it, but that is normal after anaesthetic. I brought some arnica pills, which I would recommend as you will come out with very black eyes and swollen and are not allowed to put cream on skin, so arnica pills will hopefully help the healing. I was also recommended to keep ibuprofen at home, cucumber to put on your eyes and a bag of frozen peas, wrapped in a cloth to put on your forehead. I had lunch not long after I came around, could eat fine! Mr Uppal came to meet me and said everything had gone well (relief) and showed me some pictures. The front looked good, the side looked much better than it was , a bit more sticky-uppy than I anticipated from pictures from consultation, but was hard to tell. I seemed much improved from what was, just hope I still look like myself. I felt ready to go at about 4pm, but left at 6pm to avoid traffic. There was still tonnes of traffic from Windsor back to London and, what should be a 1 hour journey took 3 hours. I felt self-conscious all bandaged up, clearly having had a nose-job as we were at near stand still most of way home and into residential streets where I lived, but what can you do….!

I had less of an appetite than usual, but managed dinner fine. You have a swab under your nose until it stops bleeding and I still needed to keep that on, which meant I ate my dinner with a teaspoon. I could probably have lifted swab off, but didn’t want to take any chances yet.

I was told the first 24-48 hours are worst and I won’t sleep well the first night, which was kind of true. You have to sleep almost upright with 3 pillows behind you and I sort of drifted into sleep and then woke up, what seemed like every 5 minutes needing water. I got through 2-3 glasses of water sipped through a straw during the night.

By morning, bleeding has pretty much stopped, but you still get odd drops, so kept nose swab on. I felt much better in the morning already, had a shower, and was much more mobile. I had pen mark on my face still, which wouldn’t come off. I need some high strength eye-make up remover for that. I am easing off the co-codamol already taking just one tablet with ibuprofen instead of two and when I feel braver, will just dispense with it completely.

Day 3

Day 4 recovery

Day 5 Recovery

Day 6 — one more day till cast off!

Day 7 – cast off and free to roam outside!