Male Chest Reduction

Some men have large breasts that can look almost feminine. Gynaecomastia is a medical term derived from the Greek words for “woman-like breasts” that affects as many as 30% of men. Enlarged breasts can be permanent, uncomfortable, and socially and psychologically devastating, but they can be permanently removed through surgery.

Liposuction┬áis the commonest way to restore a good shape to a man’s chest. However if there is excess skin around the chest then breast reduction surgery can be used to gain a flat male torso.

How is male chest reduction performed?

It is usually done with you asleep and takes about 30 – 45 minutes. You can usually go home the same day and recovery takes 1-2 days. If a lot of skin is removed you may need to stay overnight in hospital.

There are almost no scars with liposuction. If skin is removed, the scars are hidden around the nipples. There is bruising and swelling however which can take a week to settle.

Before Surgery

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will evaluate your health and explain the surgical technique he feels will be best for you or your child. Your initial consultation is also the time for you to discuss the results you are looking for. Mr Uppal will explain the surgery and the risks which include bruising, swelling , asymmetry and any scars.

After Surgery

You should expect some discomfort during the first one or two days after your surgery although Paracetamol will be enough to control any pain or discomfort. All the stitches from the area where liposuction was performed are dissolving, so no need to have stitches removed. You will be asked to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks after the surgery to get the best results.

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