Laser Rhinoplasty

Laser treatment can make the nose heal better and with less swelling. This new cutting edge technique improves the way patients recover from surgery.

Mr Uppal will use precision with the laser to cut away very small amounts of cartilage and make the nose smaller. There is very little bleeding using the laser and so there is less swelling; this means a faster recovery.

Patients also get greater precision in the outcome that they are looking for which is important if they would like subtle results and improvements.

CO₂ laser rhinoplasty microsurgery: the password is Mini-invasiveness

CO₂ laser are mostly used in ENT and laser rhinoplasty , particularly appreciated for the high degree of precision in cutting combined with an excellent coagulation effect.

The Laser rhinoplasty system further enhances the well-known advantages of CO₂ laser surgery. Its innovative laser source, featuring exclusive Pulse Shape Design technology, generates pulses specifically designed for laser rhinoplasty applications. Mr Uppal also teaches laser rhinoplasty at the London Rhinoplasty Course as well as Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty.

How it Works

The energy density achieved with a small focused spot during laser rhinoplasty combined with high peak power and ultra-pulsed emission mode provides advanced performance in photoablation, especially when using the surgical microscope.  The surgeon can simply control the main operative functions without having to look away from the microscope, thanks to the micromanipulator’s joystick. This allows perfect control of cutting depth, shape and size of ablation figures. See photos here..

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