Fat Injections

Fat can be sucked out from where you don’t want it….

.. and injected to where you do.

Fat Grafting is also called Fat Injections,Fat transfer or Lipofilling. The technique has been in existence for many years and is used most commonly in the face. It takes fat away from areas where fat is not desirable, for example around the thighs, ‘love handles’ and tummy area, and after preparation, is injected where required. It combines the 2 techniques of liposuction to take away the fat and fat injection. As the fat is from your own body it it the most natural way to enhance your figure.

Some of the fat is reabsorbed over the years but most will remain permanently. As it is your own fat, it also feels natural too. It is usually done with you asleep and takes about 30 – 45 minutes. You can go home the same day and recovery takes 1-2 days depending on how much fat has been removed and injected.


Fat Injections For Wrinkles on Face

Fat injected into the face works in exactly the same way Restylane and other fillers in the face work by filling in wrinkles. As it is your own fat however it stays for many years. Fat injections are effective for filling in deep facial lines, nasolabial folds, and sunken eyes. Mr Uppal performs fat grafting on many of his facelift patients to address both major causes of facial aging: sagging (gravity) and deflation (picture a deflated balloon). The sagging is corrected by the facelift, and the fat that has been lost with age is replaced to create the most natural and realistically youthful look possible.

Fat Injections to the face can effectively correct:

  • Thin or gaunt face
  • Long face
  • Bottom-heavy or jowly face
  • Chubby face
  • Midface retrution or flatness
  • Asymmetrical face

Your own fat is extracted and then specially processed in the operating room before it is injected deep within the structures of the face to accentuate the cheekbones, midface, lips, cheeks, chin, nose, temples and jawline to reshape the face. Fat in certain areas will be permanent, though on some people it may need to be repeated.

In fact in some cases, facial reshaping has been used along with rhinoplasty and other facial procedures to create better results by shaping the face to match the nose.

Many early signs of aging, such as fat shifting, fat descent or fat loss can be corrected with fat injections, which can actually delay certain aging anatomical processes. This procedure requires a thorough understanding of beauty and the anatomy of faces of all ages in order to prevent the signs of aging and create the proper proportions.

It has been discovered that liposuctioned fat is rich with stem cells. These are the undifferentiated cells that when placed in contact with the other organs will actually create or repair those organs. We have seen for years that fat (which contains stem cells) injected into the face has corrected problems with skin pigmentation, wrinkles, loss of facial volume secondary to decrease in bony size, and other aging effects.

Therefore, patients who have facial reshaping get a double benefita better-shaped face and stem cells which help correct skin and other conditions.

This is also used if patients have had excessive liposuction performed in the past which has left an indent in any part of the buttocks or thighs.

How is Fat transfer Performed?

It is usually done with you asleep and takes about 30 – 45 minutes. You can go home the same day and recovery takes 1-2 days depending on how much fat has been removed and injected.

There are almost no scars as with liposuction. There is bruising and swelling however which can take a week to settle. Some of the fat does get reabsorbed by the body but most remains for many years..

Before Surgery

During your initial consultation, Mr Uppal or his team will evaluate your health and explain the surgical technique he feels will be best for you or your child. Your initial consultation is also the time for you to discuss the results you are looking for. Mr Uppal will explain the surgery and the risks which include bruising, swelling and asymmetry.

After Surgery

You should expect some discomfort during the first one or two days after your surgery although Paracetamol will be enough to control any pain or discomfort. All the stitches from the area where liposuction was performed are dissolving, so no need to have stitches removed. You will be asked to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks after the surgery to get the best results from the area where the fat was taken by liposuction.

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