An Introduction to Facelift

Dr Uppal explains what the aims or face and neck lift are and who may benefit. He explains the recovery. Also talks about treatment for the eyelids and forehead.

How does the face age and how does a facelift work?

Take a look at the structure of the face in the diagram below and see how a face lift will lift the parts of the face that sag with time. As we get older our skin becomes less elastic and starts to droop. All the ligaments and muscles holding the face up start to weaken and sag. This creates wrinkles and a droopy face. Face lift surgery can correct all this.

Mr Uppal is an expert in precise face lift surgery in London and Windsor. He will create a natural look so no one will be able to see that you have had surgery. As he specialises in surgery of the face, he will ensure there is no damage to nerves or other structures seen in the diagram below.

Choosing a surgeon for your face lift is a big decision and so you must ensure that they have experience in this field as Mr Uppal does. He is also up-to-date with the latest techniques to minimise risks from surgery. Mr Uppal regularly attends international meetings in the US, Europe and Asia on face lift surgery and give lectures on the subject also.

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Who is a good candidate for a face lift?

Patients who have signs of sagging skin around the face and neck will benefit from a facelift. This usually occurs in the 40s and 50s but some people in their late 30s can also have a sagging neck or jowls. Jowls are the sagging bits of skin at the ends of the mouth going to the chin. They can make the person look sad even though try feel fine.

Patients age depending on lifestyle (too many late nights), genetics (what they inherit from their parents) and others factors such as smoking and sun exposure. Good creams can slow down the ageing process. No cream will reverse wrinkles or ageing even though the marketing will make these claims.

How do I keep my face looking young?

The best advice is to take plenty of sleep, stay hydrated, don’t smoke and use sun-screen. The rest is up to genetics and unpredictable factors such as weight loss. We all lose volume in our cheeks as we get older which makes us look gaunt and older. Face lift surgery by Mr Uppal can improve all these factors giving a fresh appearance.

How long does a facelift last?

How long face lift surgery lasts depends on lifestyle and genetics. Patients who have parents with early signs of ageing and a lifestyle that includes smoking, lots of sun damage and lack of sleep will age quickly. Patients who look after themselves and their skin, age more slowly.

We cannot change our genetics which determines the thickness of our skin and the elasticity of our skin collagen. Thin skin and weak collagen make us age faster. We can control our lifestyle however to delay the ageing of skin. Use a daily sunscreen cream and avoid sunlight. Get lots of sleep, don’t smoke and drink plenty of water everyday. This will protect the skin of the face and slow down ageing.

Facelifts usually last about 10 years. This depends on the factors mentioned above. Genetics and a fast lifestyle will mean the facelift doesn’t last as long. Jowls may return and the neck skin may sag unless good care is taken of the skin. A face lift may last over 10 years if we take good care of our health and skin.

What is a brow lift and who needs it?

As we get older our forehead becomes wrinkled and the eyebrows droop at the sides of our face. The brow drops and sags which in some cases can cover the outer part of our eyes.

A brow lift using keyhole surgery can restore a youthful forehead and eyes.
A temporal lift is a 45 min procedure under local anaesthetic that can lift the dropping brow through a very small incision hidden in the hairline. Ask Mr Uppal if this will help you as he is an expert in this temporal mini lift.

What is a Mini neck lift?

If there is a little extra skin under the chin, this can be corrected with a short procedure under local anaesthetic that takes about an hour. It will improve hanging skin under the neck which can be unsightly. Patients go home the same day with a bandage under their chin.

This type of neck lift costs from £2295, depending on the severity of the loose skin around the neck.

This mini neck lift cannot improve significant degrees of loose skin, which may require a full neck lift with you asleep. Mr Uppal will advise you on what will be best in your case.

Do thread lifts work?

Yes this can be a simple alternative to surgery. It will lift the neck or face in young patients in their 40s and 50s. Not everyone wants a full facelift and, as long as there are not significant signs of skin laxity or sun damage, then facelift threads may work for you. Please ask us if you are suitable for this technique. Face threads take about an hour to perform and are done with you awake, under local anaesthetic. You can go home soon afterwards with a bandage under your chin. You will need to wear the bandage at night for at least 2 weeks to get the best results. You can go back to work after 48 hours. Most patients have this done on a Friday and be ready for work by the Monday.


Chin Surgery

Reducing the size of the chin can make a big difference to how we see ourselves. Others will also notice a dramatic improvement in the shape of the face. Often they cannot work out exactly what has been done but they will compliment you on how good you look.

Reducing a large chin is a simple procedure with you asleep. It takes about 45 minutes to do and patients go home the same day. The area is numb so there is minimal pain with this. Recovery usually takes a few days. If you have a ‘weak’ chin that is not in balance with your face then a small implant can be inserted in the same way as a day case. There are no visible scars with these procedures which are called Genioplasty as they are all done from inside the mouth.All operations carry risks as well as benefits.


Where is the scar after a facelift?

The scar is hidden near the ear. It will fade over time and can be covered up with makeup or using your hair in the first few weeks. Mr Uppal will also apply his many years of experience to avoid any changes to the shape of your ears or ear-lobes which can be a problem after a facelift.

Can I have Eye bag removal with my facelift?

Yes. In fact this is very common, as our eyelids age at the same rate as the face, if not before. The majority of patients have eye bag removal of their upper and lower eyelids to get a more balanced and natural look to the whole face with their facelift. It’s not for everyone however, so please discuss your wishes with Mr Uppal.

Can I get rid of the wrinkles on my face?

Yes this is part of the facelift. Wrinkles around the mouth can be improved with a Face Peel. While we can’t remove all the wrinkles, there is a significant improvement with a facelift and peel. Ask us what would be best for you. Smoking and sun damage cause deep wrinkles that can be difficult to improve. Always wear good sunscreen. We also advise all our patient to stop smoking before contemplating any surgery. Electric cigarettes work well in helping patients to stop smoking.

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