The field of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is unique in that it involves the treatment of all parts of the body and can affects all ages. This breadth of skills and ability to operate on skin, bone, muscle and other tissue allows the treatment of a variety of conditions such as cancer, burns, motor accidents, birth defects and facial trauma to name but a few.

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Mr Uppal has had a commitment to undertaking surgery in developing countries and has regularly travelled to Asia and Africa to participate in surgical treatment clinics there. The most important aspect of the work he and his colleagues have undertaken is the supply of basic medicines, equipment, medical books as well as holding clinics in outreach locations with often minimal resources.

Mr Uppal has also taught surgery to the local surgeons in these countries including Malawi and India to leave skills that can be passed on to local doctors. Over time Mr Uppal has built up links with doctors in these countries and provides advice when requested. This includes patient care and advice about surgery over the phone as well as by replying to email questions and requests for any help.
Mr Uppal donates a proportion of profits made by the practice to Medicine Sans Frontiers which is a charity that provides medical care to difficult regions of the world such as those affected by war or famine.
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rajan uppal malawi1

Due to the extent of the conditions of many of the patients in Malawi treated by Mr Uppal, only a few images can be shown.

Mr Uppal in the Malawi clinic with some of the patients brought by their parents after travelling many miles on foot. Many of the conditions were more advanced than expected as those that lived in remote areas often sought treatment from witch doctors before seeking formal medical help. This made their surgery and care more complex.

rajan uppal malawi3
rajan uppal malawi2

Patients with burns were treated with skin grafts where required.

This was not available to the clinic before the visit of the group and Mr Uppal.

rajan uppal malawi4
rajan uppal malawi5

Advanced surgery of the face was sometimes required

to treat cancer of the head and neck where appropriate.

Click here to read the Department of Health’s guidelines on Plastic surgery. This information will help you understand the UK requirements to ensure that you get the the best qualified and skilled surgeons who have been accredited by BAPRAS and BAAPS.

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